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Antillians love a good meal!

BarbecueThe local kitchen is known as "Krioyo" and is a mixture of various culinary influences. Some common dishes include stobá (stew with many different ingredients like papaya, beef or goat), guiambo (seafood soup), kadushi (cactus soup), sopi mondongo (soup with intestines, not for everyone), funchi (corn starch paste) and of course many different fish dishes.

There are many roadside "sneks", these are a blend of evening convenient stores and Dutch "snack bars". They are often opened until hours past midnight.

MealCuraçao has a large range of restaurants. Whether you feel like Chinese food, Greek, French or even Dutch pancakes: the island has something to offer for every preference and wallets of all sizes.

The best up-to-date source of information about restaurants is without a doubt the K-PASA, a weekly information bulletin which is ditributed all over the island. Besides restaurants, you can find information in it about things like events and bars.

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