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GroceriesHowever fascinating the local kitchen might be, sometimes you just crave for something "just like home". Most, if not all, of what you are used to buying at home is readily available on Curaçao. This includes seasonal products from countries all over the world.

The island has many supermarkets. Besides a number of larger supermarkets there are a lot of mini-markets all over Curaçao. The larger supermarkets have a product range which is comparable with what you would find in Europe or the United States. There are also a number of larger wholesale-type stores where anyone can buy goods in larger amounts.

As of March 2007, much to the delight of the Dutch inhabitants, the Netherland's leading supermarket Albert Heijn opened its doors on Curaçao. The world's only Albert Heijn outside of the Dutch borders has everything you would find back home and many local specialties, at competitive prices.

In general prices are comparable to those found in supermarkets in Europe. Some items, like delicious Argentinian beef, are even considerably cheaper.

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