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Most Curaçao children grow up to be muti-lingual, the linguistic abilities of the local population are above average.

If you happen to speak Dutch you're in luck: 90% of the inhabitants speak Dutch. Most text on traffic signs is in Dutch as well. But if you are fluent in either English or Spanish, you shouldn't have much trouble getting around either.

The mother tongue of the locals is Papiamento. Besides Dutch and English, this is the third official language of the Netherlands Antilles. This originally Creole language is a mixture of many other languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English and a number of African languages.

You will find it is appreciated if you try to speak a few words in Papiamento. To get you started, here are some common phrases and their translation:

 Welcome  Bon bini
 Good morning  Bon dia
 Good afternoon  Bon tardi
 Good evening  Bon nochi
 How are you doing?  Kon ta bai?
 I'm fine, thanks  Mi ta bai bon, danki
 What is your name?  Kon bo yama?
 My name is...  Mi yama...
 I am from...  Mi ta bini di...
 Thank you  Danki
 You're welcome  Di nada
 Goodbye  Te otro biaha

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