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Shots are not needed for traveling to Curaçao. Of course the warm climate and local food might cause some discomfort. But since all types of groceries you are used to from home are readily available, this is usually easy to prevent.

There are many international physicians on the island, often trained in Europe or the United States. Doctors require cash payments for each visit, but the rates are likely to be a lot lower than what you are used to. Most travel insurance policies and most medical insurance policies cover these costs once you're back home.

Medical Scattered all over the island are so-called Botikas. These are part apothecary, part drugstore. For every region of the island there is always at least one Botika open after-hours.

Otrabanda's St. Elisabeth Hospital is equipped with all modern facilities en first class physicians. In case of diving incidents, the hospital has a decompression room.

In the villa you will find a telephone list with, among others, our home physician, dentist and Botika. And of course, our caretakers are always ready to assist you in case of emergency.

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