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The power supply on our island is directly related to the history of Aqualectra. In 1893, the Amrican consul at the time, Leonard B. Smith, acquired the right to generate and distribute electrical energy on the island. Four years later the first electrical light was seen on Curaçao...
The regular power on Curaçao is 127 Volts, 50 cycles, which is slightly different from the 60 cycles used in the United States. For most US appliances this isn't an issue. Most adapters, like the ones used for charging laptops, are suited for a wide range of Volts and cycles. Most US plugs will fit in the outlets, but there are adapters available in the villa in case one doesn't fit.

All rooms in the villa also have European outlets which supply 220 Volts. If you bring any European appliances, you will not need adapters for those.

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