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With an average temperature of almost 27 degrees Celsius, the Caribbean Sea surrounding Curaçao is without a doubt one of the main attractions of the island. Consequently, it will likely not come as a surprise that there is an abundance of water sports opportunities: tanning, swimming, diving, but also more adventurous activities like setting out on a jet ski, a sail trip or fishing trip: everything is possible on Curaçao.

The island has a number of large sand beaches, with all the facilities you can expect, but Curaçao is especially famous for the large number of bays (the 'bocas'). These are often secluded areas where you can quietly enjoy the beauty of the sea. Since the ocean loses much of its force deep inside the bocas, these are often perfect snorkeling sites.

Diver For the genuine scuba diver, Curaçao has even more to offer. The coral reefs are of exceptional beauty. The island hosts as many as sixty recognized unique diving sites. The magic of Mushroom Forrest and its Blue Room, the steep wall of the Tugboat or the wreck of the Superior Producer: you will not get bored quickly in the Curaçao waters.

There are various diving schools all over the island where you can get trained. Besides training, these schools offer boat trips to dive sites further away from shore. There are also many opportunities for night diving or even archeological diving to a wreck in Willemstad's bay.

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