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Curaçao's tap water isn't just safe to drink, it's delicious!

Back in the old days the inhabitants had to rely on rain for their drinking water supply. But the island sees nowhere near enough rain to live from, so the indians dug wells in the soft soil near the bays of the southern shore. Later, the Spanish and Dutch found drinking water near Schottegat and they started transporting it to Punda.

As the number of inhabitants grew, the demand for water grew accordingly. Around the year 1890, the first wind turbines were imported from the United States to irrigate the land. Eventually, in 1928 a desalination factory was opened which turned sea water into drinkable tap water.

Water These days, tap water is produced by Aqualectra. Aqualectra finds its history in that 1928 factory en also supplies Curaçao's power.

The water is of exceptional quality: it's soft, contains no chlorides and is low in calcium. It's odorless and tasteless and has a good bacteriological composition: perfect to drink!

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